To make purchases on the site, the Customer must necessarily:

1 - fall into the category of "final consumer", where "final consumer" means all natural and / or legal persons who use the e-commerce platform without ulterior business, commercial or professional purposes. therefore invites all users not attributable to the category of "final consumer" to refrain from placing purchase orders on the website and reserves the right not to initiate orders for goods not intended for the final consumer or in any case to the outside the commercial policy described above;

2 - be 18 years of age for at least one day;

3 - possess the requirements to enter into a legally binding contract;

4 - be in possession of an account and a valid e-mail address;

5 - have a valid bank account or a credit card accepted for payment on the website (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners) or a verified Paypal account;

6 - be aware and accept under one's own responsibility that the use of the website is regulated by the legislation in force in the Italian State.


All contents of the website (texts, images, fonts, graphic design, music, software, codes and format scripts) are the exclusive property of Club 88 S.r.l. and are protected by copyright. Therefore, they cannot be reproduced in any way except with the express and explicit written consent of Club 88 S.r.l. In the same way, any use of the contents and trademarks on the site (copy, reproduction, alteration, transmission, publication or redistribution) without express authorization by Club 88 S.r.l. disclaims any liability in the event that, due to a malfunction and a particular configuration of the computer in use by the Customer, the colors of the products displayed on the site do not faithfully reflect the original ones, but present slight differences compared to the published articles. In the case, however, of discrepancies between the items on sale and those reproduced on the site - due to sudden changes made during production - the Customer placing the order will be contacted by Customer Service to be informed of the changes themselves and then express your consent, requesting any cancellation of the order or a refund. The same Customer Service of also undertakes to provide the Customer with timely communications in the event of unavailability of the items ordered on the site. guarantees the protection of its site according to the international standards envisaged for the Internet, but declines all responsibility for any problems, damages or risks that the Customer may encounter while using the site or any malfunctions related to the deactivation of cookies in the user's browser.

The use of the website - which contains information on clothing products and how to purchase them - implies that users / customers accept the rules and legal conditions of this declaration. Failure to accept them allows to exercise the right to request users / customers to abstain from viewing and using the site.


The sale of the goods offered by the site is reserved exclusively to the "final consumer", as expressly indicated in point 6 of this declaration and briefly reproduced here: "final consumer" means all natural and / or legal persons who they use the e-commerce platform without business, commercial or professional ulterior motives. invites all users not referable to the category of "final consumer" to refrain from placing purchase orders on the website.

For this reason will not accept orders with recipients other than the final consumer, orders forwarded on behalf of third parties or outside the commercial policy described here. Similarly, reserves the right to refuse the execution of an order if its credit institution gives a negative opinion after verifying the transaction with the customer's bank.

The right of to refuse its services or the fulfillment of orders to anyone and at any time remains unaffected. reserves the right to make corrections and / or changes to the site and its contents if it deems it necessary and without providing any