Freedomday, an Italian brand launched in 2014 from an idea of ​​the four Russo brothers. The key elements of Freedomday are those that have allowed the brand to be recognized and appreciated in Italy and in the world. Among these elements we certainly find the exclusive loop, which is a special handle that replaces the classic "hook", present in all Freedomday jackets and the distinctive gros grain, that is the colored band applied to the inner edges of the jackets. The red color, in addition to distinguishing the brand, is also the characterizing element of the loop and grosgrain. These elements, combined with the photograph printed internally, are the distinctive and iconic characteristics of the brand. As far as style is concerned, the brand's novelties are numerous: the eco-leather models are very successful, they have been developed in different variants with a renewed design, with modern and trendy workmanship and textures. As for the range of duvets, the models will range from light to super light weights, to adapt to the now unpredictable spring temperatures. "After a year of research we were able to reach the lightness we were looking for, - comments Massimo Russo - thanks to a new printing technique, which takes place directly on the downbag (feather bag), we have lightened the garment reaching a weight between 40 and 50 grams ".

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